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About Us

"Change is possible, even in the rural areas of germany. Join us at our journey and see how we live the combination of agriculture, nature conservation an tourism."

Bosse und Sophia Johannisson Albertinenhof Havelland

Bosse and Sophia Johannisson

After his apprenticeship, Bosse Johannisson was able to gain a wide range of experience in various vegetable growing businesses in Germany and New Zealand. Since 2021 he has been growing vegetables on the Albertinenhof, which are sold in the farm shop and in restaurants.

Sophia Johannisson grew up in the Westhavelland and founded the Albertinenhof Havelland together with her husband Bosse. She organizes events and takes care of renting the tiny houses. Sophia studied nature conservation in Eberswalde and has been working at NABU Westhavelland since 2020.

Our history

The 3.78 hectare historic three-sided farm right next to the Havel river has seen a lot. The large barns were built on the property of the Schultze brickworks company around the turn of the century and were used for agricultural purposes from then on. In the former GDR, the farm was operated as the state-owned Albertsheim estate, where mainly animals were kept. After the fall of communism, the farm fell more and more into a deep slumber.

In 2015, Sophia's parents bought the farm to save it from decay. The plans to expand a recreational boat harbor for small boats could not be implemented due to building law reasons. Nevertheless, the idea of preserving the historic farm remained. For several years, poultry and calf stables, various poultry barns and a large number of concrete slabs were demolished and a total of 3702 m² were unsealed. 

The Albertinenhof was founded in 2020 with new ideas and a new usage concept. Through the unsealing work and the removal of the illegally disposed waste, nature was able to breathe again and new living spaces for animals and plants were created.  At this time, 11 sheeps also moved into the Albertinenhof, which to this day keep the large areas short as natural lawnmowers.


In spring 2021, Bosse Johannisson founded his Market Garden “Johannisson’s Vegetables” at the Albertinenhof. From then on, he offers local customers and holiday guests fresh vegetables from his environmental friendly agriculture. During this time, the concept was further expanded. The Westhavelland Nature Conservation Association (NABU) has been a cooperation partner since 2021 and is implementing various nature conservation projects such as planting a bird protection hedge on the Albertinenhof.

Once the approval process has been completed, the expansion of the stable buildings will begin. Unfortunately, no specific date has been set for this yet. Until then, the Albertinenhof is an open-air location for various events and an idyll for all those who are looking for a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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